Special Services available:

LOGO DESIGN: We can provide logo design services to help create a unique and memorable presence for your company. Logos must be simple, effective, versatile and most of all unique. This can involve considerable time researching existing logos to ensure originality. Use the form below to inquire about pricing for this service.

3-D MODEL CREATION AND ANIMATION: In the near future, we will be able to create your design as a 3-D model for use in animation sequences and still images. Pricing varies according to the level of complexity and the final product format. Use the form below to inquire.

DIGITAL SIGN RESTORATION: If your business has (or had) a classic sign that's in deteriorated condition, you can send us pictures of the sign from past and present, and we can "virtually" restore it to its original glory. You can use the image in your advertising or as a guide to restore or recreate the original sign.

If would like information and pricing on these or other special services, use the form below to tell us what you need.



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